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Synchro Tapping Chuck

Synchro Tapping Chuck (STC)

For High Speed / Rigid Tapping

Synchro Tapping Chuck

Falcon STC Synchro Tapping Chucks compensate for the length errors caused by spindle backlash and achieve optimum performance from your taps.

  • Prevent Tap Breakage
  • No Downtime

Application :

Tapping, Roll forming on machines with synchronized feed (pitch / feed synchronization).

Mounting & Machine Type :

MAS BT, DIN 69871 SK, DIN 69893 HSK for Machining Centers, Straight Shank for CNC Turning Centers.


  • Minimum length compensation for rigid tapping with compression and expansion of + / -0.50 mm.
  • Through Coolant Facility.
  • High Concentricity allows high speed tapping.

Advantages :

  • Compensation of the synchronization error (pitch & feed error).
  • Reduction of pressure ont the thread flanks increases tap life.
  • Better quality threads.
  • Clamping with Normal ER Tap Collets allows more range.

Benefits :

  • Longer Tap Life
  • Better Quality Threads
  • Prevent Tap Breakage
  • Less Number of Tools Required
  • Less Spindle Maintenance
  • No Downtime.


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