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MAS BT 403 (JIS 6339)


Tapping Collet Chuck Holder

Rigid Tapping Machines


Taper ISO Part No. for JIS 6339 (MAS 403) - Form A Coolant Thro Pull Stud Suitable for Collet Tapping Size L D Collet Nut Spanner Approx.Wt. in Kgs.
40 FT BT40 TCH ER 32 125 ER 32 M5 - M30 125 50 NUT ER 32 SP ER 32 W 2.4
50 FT BT50 TCH ER 32 135 ER 32 M5 - M30 135 50 NUT ER 32 SP ER 32 W 5.0





        1. The Collet & Nut are assembled as per normal collet chuck.
         2. Insert tap into the collet and tighten the clamping Screw to ensure the square of the tap is clamped and the tap is

        3. Tighten the collet nut to clamp the diameter of Tap.

         4. Ensure that the collet nut & the clamping screw of tap square are tightened before mounting on machine.


    The above Tapping Collet Chucks are designed to perform Tapping with Synchronised Feed Mechanism. Collets, Collet Nuts & Spanners are the same as other Standard ER Collet Chuck Holders.



Collet Nut and Stopper Screw supplied as part of the Chuck.

Spanner to be ordered seperately.


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